The 5th Company Trip

Enclave:11’s Danang Software Engineering Center is celebrating it’s 5th Anniversary this month.

Enclave:11’s grateful to our clients, our community and institutional partners; and of course, to our dedicated staff and engineers. We honor you, your loyalty, dedication, and support throughout.

Thanks to those of you, from near and far,who attended the open house at our new engineering center, and the 5th Anniversary party.

We also congratulate some 20 Enclave:11 engineers who have just received their MS degrees in computer science through our 3-year joint program with Danang University of Technology. One of  the three prestigious national polytechnic universities.

We congratulate recent graduates, the survivors, of our Software Engineering Boot Camp #5.

Laurels and gratitude too, to our client-site engineering teams, whose performance has been hailed as remarkable. It’s our engineers who forge our reputation and success. After 5 years, Enclave still retains a perfect record for ODC client renewals.